Florida Everglade Swamp

Everglade swamp of Florida  is a natural  “Mangrove Jungle,” which borders the thousands of  Islands and the Gulf of Mexico. The wetland provides a number of ways to experience the Everglades. The airboat is one of them and the same was used while a tour  of the Everland at Sawgrass Recreation Park. The Everglades is not a huge swamp inhabited only by large snakes and alligators, but is rather a masterpiece of nature’s beauty in a mysterious forest containing many forms of wildlife and birds in their natural habitat.




Exploring the Everglade swamp on a Air-Boat ride. Simulated air-boat journey of this Everglade can be enjoyed at the Museum of Discovery & Science, Florida which is more thrilling than the actual one. However there you won’t be able to see the Alligator etc. I have taken both the rides and that’s why I can say so.
Encountered an Alligator
And now a  baby alligator
The boat took us near to the alligator. But it appears it is very much used to of such situations, it is  not afraid of the Air Boat or its unbearable sound.


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