Virginia Key Island, Miami

Virginia key Island which is surrounded by the Ocean (Atlantic)

Virginia Key Island is a tiny Island having a 863-acre (3.49 km2) in Miami Florida, USA. This Island is a Barrier Island (Narrow stripe of land in parallel to the main land). This Island is accessible from the mainland via the Rickenbacker Causeway which has a bridge over the Ocean and lands on the Island.

The island is namely occupied by the Virginia Key Beach Park, Miami Seaquarium and some Educational & Government  establishment relating to Fisheries, Oceanic & Atmospheric.

I have already posted the Seaquarium Photographs in one of my previous posts. In this post you can see the Island, Boat Garage, Miami downtown from this side.

We know Car Garage or Car parking but Boat Garage generally do not come across. That’s why I thought of posting this.

Miami Downtown as seen from the Rickenbacker Causeway Bridge (while returning from the Island)


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