Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Orlando

After visiting NASA, we came to Orlando, Florida on 28th evening. On that day, we visited Disney Downtown and next day 29th Jun 2012 we visited Disney’s Hollywood Studios and other Disney shows in the same campus. Since its a Disney establishment, there are shows meant for the children.  There were lot many shows at different venues, its was difficult to manage to see all the shows because timings were clashing and long ques for entries but we could manage by fast passes and could cover the main and attractive events/shows and it went upto night 0930, when it ended with Laser Show.
San Fransisco in the Studio
Stunt show. Stunt show. It shows how big-time vehicle stunts are done for block buster Hollywood action films.

Car chasing through streets & lanes.

Houses (Sets) are made with minute details so that it looks like real ones.

A beautiful city made within the  studio,,,
2130 Hrs, all shows were over.

Remaining in the next parts.



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