Cruise to Bahamas : Great Stirrup Cay

Next morning I got up early to catch the moment of Sun rise. Previous night they distributed next day’s program alongwith Sun rise and Sun set timings. Ship was sailing to South so East has to be on our Balcony side. Already the eastern sky was reddish in preparation of Sunrise . After sometime the Sun peeped on horizon (pic # 2 below).

Sky is reddish, getting ready for Sun rise

Suddenly the Sun was sighted above the horizon

Columbus on his voyage to discover India, might be having most exciting moments when a Island was sighted by his men in one early morning, after sailing for days. It was one of the Islands of today’s Bahamas.
The ship has already anchored. At 7000AM when went to Deck 11 for Breakfast on Garden Cafe, on the West side a Island is sighted. And that was the today’s destination : Great Stirrup Cay , a private island owned and developed by the cruise company itself.

Seagulls came to the open deck to welcome new guests to the Island

We were transferred from the ship to Island by a launch and now only we could have full view of the ship for photograph. Transfer from ship to launch was smooth to all ages.

On the launch

We reached on the Island

All arrangements for snorkeling, sports, music and food were arranged in advance. It was like a picnic by the side of a big swimming pool on an Island.







At about 0400 O’clock, we started our return journey to the ship. However ship was ferrying people whoever wanted to go back because lunch was available at ship too.


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