One Lovely Blog Award

It was nice to get a recognition from one of the great bloggers  ” Globe Runner” :  who has nominated my blog for a “One Lovely  Blog Award”.

The generosity of  Globe Runner : is highly appreciated for nominating me for the award.

One Lovely Blog Award

The rules are:

1: Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog

A big thanks to Globe Runner at who nominated me for this wonderful award.

2: List seven random things about yourself

a. I love traveling and photography.

b. I am ardent lover of natural and artistic beauties.

c. I am having interest in painting and sometime I try to pursue the same.

d. I am little health conscious.  I like eating fish, especially Hilsa fish.

e. I am an Indian. I love Indian food, Indian cultures and traditions.

f. I  believe in God. I believe, where I am today, is all due to the blessings of God.

g. Loving Art & artistic beauties sometimes puts me in embarrassing conditions when my eyes can see the beautiful things everywhere all around me.

3: Nominate fifteen other blogs.

Here goes my nominations for the award. However its upto the recipients to accept the award or otherwise :

4: Notify to the fifteen nominees

— Done

5: Put the award logo on your blog.

—- Done

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