Ligo Circle of Appreciation

What a pleasant surprise.  An  appreciation from a wonderful blogger friend/ follower  Esenga’s Voice  has been received two days back. Esenga’s Voice is a very interesting Blog on  thoughts, memories, impressions and adventures.

Here it goes

“The yearly Līgo celebration happens every summer solstice in Latvia. At this time we adorn our heads with Līgos of flowers, oak leaves, grasses and plants. We join circles around bonfires and celebrate life, and our appreciation of each other.

Here’s our
Līgo Circle of Appreciation
among fellow bloggers.

For duration of 22 days, starting on 1st October 2012, we will be inviting 2 bloggers per day to join the Līgo Circle of Appreciation.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an Appreciation, NOT an Award.

To fully participate in the Līgo Circle of Appreciation:~
* Complete this sentence about blogging: ”A great blog is…
* Refer back to the blogger who invited you
* Invite 2 bloggers to join the Līgo Circle of Appreciation on a post”


A great blog is that which is active, updated regularly so that the contents (words or Photo)  attracts the followers.

Thank you so much Esenga’s Voice for your appreciation. You have appreciated my Blog as a “Visual Treasures…” which makes me honored. Thanks again for your appreciation.

2 Bloggers who are invited to join the Līgo Circle of Appreciation on a post : – Photographs that speak louder than words. Excellent Photography and travel blog


Read more about Latvian Ligo Celebration at :


5 thoughts on “Ligo Circle of Appreciation

    • I took some time to try it. Hope its Ok.
      Secondly in the process, I came to know about your Ligo Celebration which is great. Any celebration or Festival of a country is good to know. That way i am enriched and thats because of your invitation. Thanks.

      • It’ s more than ok – really lovely! And I am happy I could share&reveal a bit of my culture through this circle. Thank YOU. 🙂

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