One Compassionate Blog Award

Sometime back my dear Blogger friend Teju of  Singing sparrows nominated me for this wonderful award. I sincerely thank Teju for her wonderful gesture to consider my blog to nominate for the award.

Here are the rules  comes with the acceptance of this award:

1. Thank the person who nominated you & display this coveted award on his/her blog.

– I sincerely thank my Blogger friend Teju for her wonderful gesture to consider my blog to nominate for the award. I am honored.   Teju is a versatile blogger, she tells the stories on different topics in a wonderful way. Her Blog  is worth following and I strongly recommend it.

2. The Nominee shall nominate 3 other blogs & let them know about the same.

3. Share with your readers, any 3 acts of compassion that you’ve done in the recent past.

My 3 acts of compassion :

(a) One sparrow couple, every year comes to my balcony attached to kitchen, where, during the breeding season they mate and make their nest for laying eggs and hatching in the nest. They bring nesting materials for here and there and as a result the balcony becomes untidy. This season too, their mating started and it was assumed that soon they will make their nest. This time my wife was determined not to allow them. She covered with hard card board, the place where they usually make their nest. When they saw the place has been covered, they were restlessly talking to each other. They were rest less for few days. One day we found that they somehow made a passage through the cardboard and started making nest. I was happy but my wife was determined to throw it out because they were making the place untidy but I intervened and saved their nest. Finally their love succeeded to bring up the babies and one day they flew from the nest.

(b) In India most of the families employ a maid servant for daily chores like washing, cleaning etc. Mostly they are part time lady workers. My maid was suddenly absent one day and later came to know that she is suffering from knee pain for some days. She had consulted General physician at a Govt. Hospital. Medicines were not effectively working. They can’t afford for a specialist. One day, I offered her for taking to my known Orthopedic Doctor for better treatment and quick relief. Obviously I thought of paying the fees too for her but the lady thought  she will have to pay the fee which is a big amount for her. She did not refuse my offer but she said let me she two more days. Later she improved and there was no need of going to a specialist doctor.

(c) During the festival time last month, when festive mood was everywhere, every body, whoever is connected with some sort of services, expects yearly tips and I considered to pay them to make them happy so that  the colors and lights of the festival brighten them too.

My 3 nominees are as follows :




Congrats to everyone 🙂

10 thoughts on “One Compassionate Blog Award

  1. Congratulations my friend, you deserve the award! Thank you so much for nominating my blog, i appreciate your support and kindness. Have a beautiful day!

  2. It was heart warming to read about your cats of kindness! You deserve this and many more awards. Have a great festive season ahead Anilji! 🙂

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