Other side of the “SoBe”

We are on the pavements on the Ocean Drive at South Beach (SoBe) Miami. See the extended Restaurants on the pavements, including the menu and rate chart on display. A little passage is left for the pedestrians. English spoken beautiful girls will approach you for taking to her Restaurant. They will try to explain, the rates and offers of the day (like buy one drink, take another free). In Florida, Spanish is more spoken and popular due to Spanish population and thats why English spoken girls are employed for the foreign tourists. You may sit outside under the umbrella or inside in A/C room. This is a tourist place and Restaurants on the Ocean Drive, are always crowded. They offer parking to catch a customer because parking is a another problem, not easily available on week ends. You just can’t park on the roadside here & there. Specific place/ Buildings (multilayer parking) for parking are available on payments but that’s too insufficient on weekends/ holidays.

The Ocean Drive pavements of South Beach Miami, Florida, are always crowded due to tourists and other activities. Its learnt that most of the times there will be shootings on the road/pavements. We suddenly came across such a shooting on the pavement. First noticed a beautiful model standing and then noticed she is in front of the camera, giving poses, shooting was in progress.

While returning from the beach we found, at one place  dance is going on, on the pavement and the restaurant customers turned to her.  People were offering money to the dancer.


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