Landmark Monument of Andaman

Outside of Cellular Jail, a  National Memorial monument.

Cellular jail of Port Blair in the Andaman is closely associated with the freedom struggle of India. After the first mutiny of 1857, the then British rulers found new usage for these Islands and thereby started the agonizing story of the massive and awesome cellular jail. The patriots who raised their voice against the British rule, were sent to this jail. Thousands of languished for years in solitary confinement in its cells and many perished thus giving Andaman the notorious sobriquet of “Kalapani” or the “Black Water”.

To day the cellular jail is the National Memorial, a tribute to those who dared to raise their voices against the British. That’s why the visit to the Cellular jail is considered a pilgrimage for every Indian.The freedom what we are enjoying today is the result of the sacrifices of those heroes who suffered for years in the solitary confinement in its small cells.

Part  of Cellular Jail. There are such 7 wings and one end of all the five wings are joined at one point (takes a shape like  * ) . At the centre of which a tower served as the intersection and was used by Guards to keep watch on the inmates. The wings radiated from the tower in straight lines, much like the spokes of a bicycle wheel. A large bell was kept in the tower to raise the alarm in any eventuality.

This is one of the cells meant  for one prisoner. There are total 693 Cells of 13.5×7.5 feet of each.

Cellular Jail at Night


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