My first Award was from Penny L Howe

This is not a ritual post for a Award acceptance but a note of remembrance and regret. About a year back I was nominated for this award by one of my Blogger friend/Follower Penny L Howe .  On early days when my Blog was new and not much popular,  she was one of those who encouraged, inspired me and as a result this nomination came from her in my favor.  It was her greatness and a act of her kindness to support and inspire me.

Those days I was not much aware of Blog awards. In fact I was little bit of against of these awards.  More over those days nominating 10/15 blogger was  a tough and time consuming job for me. For these reasons,  I could not accept it by heart and comply the award rules. In the burgain, I was unfortunate to miss the very first Blog Award. Later, when nominations started pouring in, I reluctantly changed my mind to go with the Blogger friends and started accepting the Awards. This way I missed the very first nomination from   Penny L Howe.

Today when I see the Awards in my possession,  the very first nomination comes to my mind and I feel sorry for not accepting the award.

Ms. Penny is a talented and gifted writer and thinker. Her blog  “The why about this” is highly recommended to follow.

However, a big thanks to Penny L Howe for her support, encouragement and inspiration bestowed on me.

4 thoughts on “My first Award was from Penny L Howe

  1. It is with much humbleness that I thank you and apologize for missing your post to honor me, dear friend, no excuse is acceptable when a friend is thinking (writing) of you and you don’t view it at the time it is published.
    You are very creative and talented but with love and warmth that always shines through. I noticed that about you the very first time I visited your blog site! Best wishes for your continued success and do keep writing/blogging and sharing! With much love and affection and most sincere thanks, Penny 🙂 xx

    • Your appreciations about me and my blog is an honor for me. It is surely more than an “Blog Award” for me.
      My sincere thanks and warm regards,

      • Thank you Anil. It is so wonderful to have a friend across the many miles that separate us. But we are not so different, you and I.

        With affection,

      • Absolutely true and I too think in the same way. We are in a boarder-less country where ‘miles’ can not separate us.
        Thanks and regards,

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