Weekly Photo Challenge : Beginning

Beginning of a day


8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Beginning

  1. Just love this interpretation…. I have the tea but not the newspaper in the morning. And do you always drink the tea using a cup and saucer? Such a lovley tradition – but I use a mug now!

    • Thank you so much for loving the post and your nice comments. In fact, this is the “Beginning” of my day. Though before that, early morning I try to go for a walk and little bit of exercise. For such a casual occasion I too use mug. Truly speaking, here I used a cup & saucer not for me but just for the photograph. 🙂

  2. I have never liked tea or coffee. I used to have breakfast, a newspaper, and a hot shower to get me going in the morning. Unfortunately, our newspaper was bought by a rich white homophobic religious right-wing nut and turned into a rich white homophobic religious right-wing tabloid. Thus I don’t subscribe to a newspaper anymore.

    • Strange you don’t like tea or even coffee. Of course its a habit. The news paper in the morning with tea or coffee, is also a habit. Once you cultivate these habits, without these you will feel some emptiness in the morning.This is how my day starts. 🙂 Thanks for visiting and leaving comments.

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