Lake Thun, Switzerland

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Thun Lake1_1Copyright Anil C. Mandal, all rights reserved.
Lake Thun (in German: Thunersee) is an Alpine lake in the Bernese Oberland in Switzerland. It took its name from the city of Thun on its northern shore. Lake Thun is having an area of 2,500 km². The lake is fed by water from Lake Brienz to the south east, which lies 6 metres higher than Lake Thun, and various streams in the Oberland,  Lake Thun was created after the last ice age and was originally part of Lake Brienz.

The above 5 photographs were taken from the Beaten berg side. The below ones were taken from the running train, sitting in compartment (opposite side of Beaten berg). These may not be of good quality pictures but one thing you can  imagine about the cleanliness of the window glass panes, spotless.

There are about ten passenger ships operate on Lake for the tourist…

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