Swing in the Garden



6 thoughts on “Swing in the Garden

    • Dear Ann, Its my pleasure to join you for a swing together! Ok Fine, lets swing together. Thanks for wonderful company! But you must read what our Great Poet Tagore said. Poet has beautifully described this situation in his poem (song) : –
      “We had had a swing in the forest on the other day, it was a swing adorned with garlands.
      Wish we do not lose that tiny remembrance which looms about every now and then.
      The air was filled with, you know, the meaningless words of my mind,
      The sky (was) sprinkled with samples of your smile.
      The moon was seen to rise in the sky on the full-moon day while strolling.
      Just have no idea of the divine moment on which we had had met each other.
      Now I have no time left, and will bear the feeling of solitude alone in myself-
      (please be kind enough) Not to shed the friendship band that (I had) tied with your soul.”

      Have a wonderful weekend !

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