1-1-DSC04636-002 They are the road blocker and many vehicles were stranded on the road leading to Pushkar. Of course they blocked the road for a good cause. From their worried face you can guess something has happened. Yes, there was a fatal accident on the road and as a result a motor cyclist was seriously injured. These women folks acted promptly and put the tree branches, logs etc to block the traffic. Though the victim was shifted to hospital and police was called but they failed to catch the culprit. It was case of hit and run. Our vehicle was too stopped and they did not allow us (tourists) to proceed. We waited for sometime but there was no sign of calling off the blockade, then we diverted our vehicle by another narrow road and reached Pushkar.

In the above tense situation the  picture was clicked from our vehicle without their knowledge. This picture demonstrates the bright colored dress of women folks of Rajasthan village and of course the beautiful girl, standing at extreme left. She is our country-side beauty. Simple but beautiful. They are seen in every corner of India.


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