WPC : Transient

This week’s Photo Challenge is Transient called by Andrea Badgley who says :
DSC01409_1“When I find driftwood on the beach, I think about its adventures. How many storms at sea did it endure? How many birds took rest on it as it bobbed in the open ocean? It was once rich brown and rough with bark, and now it’s sun-bleached and smooth as satin. Where did it come from? How far did it travel? What stories would it tell if it could talk, and how long before it will move on again?”

It was photographed by me on Wandoor Beach of Andaman Islands, India on the Bay of Bengal Ocean, during my visit to the Island in the year 2009.


9 thoughts on “WPC : Transient

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  2. The whole tree floated out to the sea and back on land… wonder where it once grew roots and how long it’s been a vagabond…

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