Award-free Blog

It is a hard decision that I will no longer be accepting award nominations for this Blog. I know it is an unpleasant and tough decision to announce but it was necessary to avoid further disappointment of my  Blogger friends who nominate my Blog for awards.

I am deeply honored as a recipient of the following awards from my Blogger friends. I am sincerely thankful to them who considered my Blog for the awards.

I feel that your valued comments, your words of supports, your appreciations, your likes are my ultimate awards. Thank you!!

bbawardNominated by Tazein Mirza on 18/12/13
Blog of the Year Award 6 star jpegRose with snowthe-lighthouse-awardAbove three Nominations from Ajay Tao on 19/12/13

very-inspiring-blogger-awardNominated by Petrel41 and B&W Bears & Tazein Mirza

Super Sweet Blogger AwardNominated by Kavita Joshi (5/5/13)

sunshine-award _TanumoyNominated By Tanumoy Biswas and Silvia Avigo (on 22/11/13)

most-influential-bloggerNominated by Ajay Tao & Tanumoy Biswas

sunshine-award Nominated by Ajay Tao (14/08/13)

kreativ_blogger_award_copy1Nominated by Getsetandgo

wordpress-family-award1hug-award11wonderful-team-membership-award1All the above 3  Super Awards have been Nominated by Ajay Tao (25/6/2013)


Nominated by  Summer  &  Ajay Tao  (on 15/6/2013)

One Lovely Blog Award. Nominated by  Globe Runner from Belgium

One Lovely Blog Award again, Nominated by Esenga’s Voice from Latvia

One more feather on my cap (26/9/2012) Nominated by “Tea with Pirate

Another feather added to my cap today (11/10/2012).

Nominated by Maarit-Johanna from Finland.

Ligo Circle of Appreciation, nominated by Esenga’s Voice from Latvia

ANOTHER Ligo Circle of Appreciation, nominated by Teju from India ON 19 Oct 2012

Lovely award nominated by blogger friend “Literature and CultureLovely award nominated by blogger friend “Literature and Culture

One Commpassionate Blog Award : Nominated by by Singing Sparrow  on Vijaya Dashami, 2012

Blog of the Year Award 4 star jpeg“Blog of the Year 2012” award nominated by : Maarit- Johanna from Finland on 27/11/2012.

2nd Star nominated by : Petrel41 on 21 Nov ’12

3rd. Star nomination came on 27 Dec’12  from LYANNV

 4th. Star nominated by GETSETANDGO on 26 Jan 2013

Inspiring award

“Very Inspiring Blogger” award Nominated by  Cristi M on 27 Nov 2012

light bulb conceptNominated by Sumithra 12/01/13.


Nominated by Tuttacronaca on 28 Jan 2013


Nominated by Moment Matters  on 14 Mar 2013

shine_on-1Nominated By Narhvalur & Cristi M

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