Sonar Kella

Jailsalmer Fort is made of Yellow colored sand stones which gives a color of Gold. All structures of the city Jaisalmer are made of the same stones and that’s why Jaisalmer is called the Golden City. The Fort is known, for the same reason, Sonar Kella (Golden Fort). There are Jain temples, Royal Palace, shops and public houses inside the fort. Satyajit Ray shot a scene of his film “Sonar Kella” here. That particular house was located by local guide and showed to us. They call it as “Mukul Bari” (Bari means house in Bengali and Mukul was the name of the Ray’s Character) which is no longer exists. The pic below shows that house.1-DSC052301-DSC05229

When we visited the site, two art college students were sketching the ruined house.